Why 3 machine are created when requesting 1?

I am experimenting with setting-up mysql clusters and experienced have 3 servers created when I requested 1.

2 of the machines were the original MySQL and the 3rd one was completely different configuration. Is this common?

bump, same question

Hi @jumper !

I’m doing a few assumptions here but I think the reason you are seeing 3 machines is this:

For the MySQL servers, flyctl will create a spare machine to increase availability unless you pass --ha=false, so you are seeing your main VM and the spare one.
The third machine that’s not MySQL related, it sounds like it may be a App Builder machine. Was its name prefixed with fly-builder- ?
If so, here are some details about what builders are:

Builder Apps are regular Fly.io apps we create to build your own apps. They live inside your own organization so they can use its private network to securely build your apps.

They are free, ephemeral and can be deleted if they are not being used. We will recreate then whenever they’re needed.

Let me know if this makes sense!


ok. So when I deleted the machines and tried again it only created 2 of the mysql machines. So what you are saying is when the builder is necessary it will be created?

That’s correct! Alternatively, you can use flyctl’s flag --local-only when deploying, then the build will be performed locally using the local docker daemon.

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