Quick question about Postgres HA

I have created a database and it all went perfectly :smile:

I see for HA you make two instances. Makes sense. But I saw a recent issue with a server in LHR, where my database is … https://community.fly.io/t/london-lhr-region-network-issues/822/2

So my question: does your system create those two HA database instances on separate servers? And so could only be taken down by a region-wide issue, not a server issue, like the LHR one?

Perhaps this is documented. I don’t recall seeing it. Thanks!

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We do! It’s not documented yet, but we did a little magic to make sure volumes for a postgres cluster end up on isolated hardware. We call these “hardware zones”, so they’re guaranteed to be on on separate switches/power circuits/storage arrays.

The plan is to let you create volumes on specific hardware zones in the future we just haven’t found a good UX for it yet.

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Awesome :heart:

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