Where to make suggestions for UX improvements and bug fixes with Fly?

Just wondering where the right place is to point out UX/DX issues, bugs and to make feature suggestions?

For example:

  • (DX issue) Creating apps: there should be an way to “launch” a fly app using a pre-existing fly.toml file. Often we are copy/pasting from other apps and instead the CLI forces us to generate another file that we just delete anyway.
  • (Bug) the [build]: build-target setting in fly.toml has no effect.

Thanks for the suggestions. We’d also like to launch from fly.toml. It’s a bit far out on our radar while we work on our new, machines-based runtime. But there we definitely would like to include the concept.

flyctl bugs can be reported directly on the open source repo. Even better are PRs :slight_smile: