Providing Fly configuration for others to use


Say I have an open source application that I wish people to be able to deploy easily on, what might I provide in the repo?

From reading the documentation it seems that it might be:

  1. A Dockerfile
  2. Suitable fly.toml without the name property
  3. Instructions saying:
    1. to install flyctl
    2. to add name to fly.toml
    3. to commands required to deploy the application.

Does that sound right?



That sounds about right. A few examples I can think of are Tailscale and Phoenix. A smoother process to launch “template” apps is on our radar but we don’t have anything to share yet. What type of app are you building?

Edit: if your app already has a Dockerfile and a configured fly.toml file, just running flyctl launch should be enough. It’ll prompt for a name and to merge the existing config into the new app then off it goes.

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It would be great if the official examples/templates were called “starter packs” lol.

Wow, brilliant! Thank you

I was looking to make an example web app for the Gleam language, as people have been asking me about how to deploy it.