flyctl development

I have been helping with the development of flyctl, helping close issues and opening PRs for issues based on the time they were opened.
I have been doing this with the support of @dangra and @jsierles.
It was suggested to post here so that I can channel my help where it is needed most.

I would appreciate if the flyctl team could share their opinion.
Or maybe other community members who would like to help can express their interest in here too.


Hey @redjonzaci ,

I think this is great! IMO, I would suggest trying the follow steps and changing it to suit your needs:

  1. Find an issue in - Issues · superfly/flyctl · GitHub - That interests you.
  2. Check if the issue has already been posted here or a post that is related.
  3. If there has not been a related post, then make a new thread with the github issue id.

Of course you can change this as needed but this should help with some structure as to how channel the help here in the community in a more specific way.

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Thanks for the advice, but what I am looking for here is some input as to what the priority of GitHub issues is and where would my help in the flyctl repo be most impactful.

I am not understating the importance of direct help in community topics, but employees have more context and the problem space is more wide here.
And of course I will still be helping here when I can.

But I would like to spend most of my time developing solutions to the priority issues on GitHub, solutions which end up improving the community’s experience with flyctl.

The input of the flyctl team is important since they have an internal vision and they are more informed into what’s more pressing.

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Thanks for brining this up, and for your contributions so far. We really appreciate it!

So right now we’re intensely focused on a few things. Not all of them touch flyctl, but the big ones that do are roughly:

  • Add a bunch of code to support GPUs
  • Finish migrating to apps v2 so we can delete a bunch of other code
  • Long overdue improvements to flyctl’s reliability, ux, docs, and dev tooling

It’s going to be hard for anyone outside the company to contribute to these without context. To make things worse, we’ve been moving quickly and most of the issues on GitHub are stale. We need some time to land these big projects before the barrier for community contributions is acceptably low.

That said, the last item on that list probably has some well scoped projects that don’t require the context of an employee. I just need some time to write them up… and triage GitHub issues so folks can actually find them.

I’ve added a reminder to follow up here once I have some issues posted. In the meantime, if there’s something you’d like to work on, let’s talk about it! You can @ me on a forum post, in a GH issue, or email me at {{username}}

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Thanks a lot!
I will keep working on current issues and keep those mentions to a minimum so as not to bother you.

Also, I have to try to do more independent research so that when someone from the team finds the time to collaborate on an issue, we have something to build upon.

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