Where can I find the app Id?

It doesn’t show up when doing flyctl info or in the dashboard.

The custom domain GraphQL docs mention this:

Applications can be referred to by name or by ID. Currently the Application ID and Name are interchangeable.

But apparently that’s not true when creating a certificate:

Field ‘addCertificate’ is missing required arguments: appId


Ok I’ve figured it out. I can pass the app name in the app id param.

What confused me is that other queries do have an appName param.

App name should work pretty much everywhere. That’s one of our todos to cleanup before we officially launch the API.

If you do want the internal ID, you should be able to get it from with something like:

  app(name: "<your-app>"){
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What’s the GraphiQL URL? I’ve looked all over the docs but I can’t seem to find it.

Not GraphiQL, but the playground is here: https://api.fly.io/graphql

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Ah thanks, yes that’s what I meant!