Graphql Api question

I have customers trying to sign up and use it but this issue is happening.

It is up! Are you getting an error of some kind?

Error: graphql: Field ‘addCertificate’ doesn’t exist on type ‘NodeproxyMutations’

It’s worked for me before. And then I went to to check out the schema but I get a 401 (which I’m now realizing is because I’m not authenticated).

I’m thinking I might be not authenticated in prod for some reason. I’ll post an update shortly.

Oh it sounds like it’s hitting the wrong endpoint. Will you make sure your app is using That error you’re getting comes from, which was meant to be internal only (but I think we showed it to people).

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Yeah, I think I saw that on your public docs.

I changed it to the public one now though.

Our mistake! Docs are fixed now, sorry for the broken-ness.

No worries