How do I link my Certificate to my app


I have my certficate validated and ready, but my domain name fails to resolve to my app.

When I run flyctl certs show hostname i get:

Error: Could not find AppCertificate

whereas my certificate is already validated (As I have added the A, AAAA and CNAME records to my domain successfully.).

How can I link it to my app, so the domain name resolves to my app.


Hey there,

I think there is nothing being shown when running fly certs show hostname because there hasn’t been anything added yet… Just to clarify, have you ran flyctl certs add <hostname> yet?

Here’s the doc for reference- fly certs add · Fly Docs

if i run the command i get this error:

Error: Hostname already exists on app

It was a matter of waiting for my domain name registration to resolve successfully.

Everything looks good now. Thanks for your help

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