We want your opinion: Dashboard Usage Pages

Recently we have been focusing on making it easier for you to understand what’s been running on your accounts. We went from big numbers on your invoice to usage pages that explain what exactly lead your bill to be that much.

We still want to hear from you! How can we do better? Have you had problems understanding usage for your Fly accounts? Let us know!


hey @lubien

it looks a lot better than seconds and extra ram

The main thing for me is that this information is not that valuable without billing information. Questions I ask: how much does it cost to me in total, what I’m paying for, is there anything I can optimize starting from most expensive things. Things that have zero cost or cost cents are not worth of looking at. Outside of the cost context I don’t know what to focus my attention on.

The other context I’m missing is calendar days. If there was an expense but it stopped happening (maybe because I already shut it down or downgraded), then it’s a different story than an ongoing expense. When everything in one list without information if it’s ongoing or happened in past is less helpful. It’s clear when app is shut down, but not clear if amount of instances or type of instances changed within the running app.

Third thing I’m missing is the trend. Are costs going up or down. If up then what is the cost driver.

I’d probably prefer a stacked bar chart with days as x axis and cost as y axis. Something like AWS is using in its cost explorer. It shows trends, cost per day, cost break down in a compact and easy to understand way. You can see if there is anything worth paying attention to.

Something like this:

As for the current view, I think it could be cleaned up a bit more, not all lines have equal importance.

  1. these 90.5 days look a bit weird in a one month period. I understand that it’s an app with 3 instances, but … weird

  2. A bunch of destroyed machines with 0 lifespan. List is much longer than this screenshot. Probably a deployment went wrong sometime ago? I’m not sure if there is much value in this data. It’s definitely not actionable.

  1. Information about each builder instance is probably not that important, considering their short life and small impact on the bill

Sorry if this is too much, UIs have a special place in my heart