Usage Digest Page

Hey folks, we shipped a new page to help you get a better breakdown of your usage per-app/per-primitive. We only show machines CPU time, nomad apps CPU time, and volumes time simplified in days for now. We plan on adding more resources but first, we wanted to learn from you what you feel about this page! Is this page helpful to you? Can we make it helpful to you?



  • Added Memory usage
  • Default date range will be this month
  • Added date range picker


  • Added a piechart to compare total usages across apps


  • Added links to the original resources and indicators for those who are deleted
  • Changed allocation names to the shorter ID

It’s looking great!

How come I’m seeing lots of machines on a v1 Nomad app with the (complete) status?

We used to allow machines on nomad apps, that could be the case or something entirely different. Can you DM me the app name so I can debug this?

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I don’t think I can DM you… but the app name is wavekit-dashboard-production.

These are actually Nomad allocations and not machines, which tells me the UI is not clear so we can definitely improve that!

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We shortened allocation names and added labels to indicate if it’s a machine or allocation.

Following up on feedback, we just added a simple pie chart to show which apps have bigger usages.

Thanks for the suggestion @pier



Still needs a bit of tinkering with the CSS :slight_smile:

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Nice. Two suggestions:

  1. Perhaps builder information should be consolidated in the circle chart. Seem to be cluttering up the legend for me.
  2. I’m guessing that there is going to be CPU / Memory / Storage graphs? So there should be a title for each graph eventually.

Thanks for the feedback, a few questions though.

About [1] I’m not sure I follow what you mean by ‘consolidated’, can you explain a bit more?

About [2] more graphs definitely can be nice. Right now we have per-resource graphs on their respective usage pages. Can I ask what exactly you’re looking for in the charts you mentioned?

  1. image

Maybe they should all be categorized as “builders”?

  1. On the digest page, I think the following charts would be very nice:
  • cpu/s per app
  • memory gb/s per app
  • bw per app

For instance, from the graph, I could tell that my logshipper and backup service take as much as postgres itself. Since these items correlate directly to cost, this enables an easy visual breakdown of what is costing what before going into the details.

And if you’re looking for inspiration, please do not look at AWS cost explorer.


Just another update: we added additional VM usage there just now

Another update on this, we added a date range picker for this page.

Pretty soon the month will change and you’d probably want an easy way to look back when checking your bill.

As always, we’d love your feedback, see you around!