volumes larger than 500 gb

Deploying an image which needs either multiple volumes or more than 500 gb of space. Is it possible or is it on the roadmap for larger or multiple volumes to be supported?

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Hi – you’re correct that you can only deploy volumes up to 500 GB in size. I don’t think it’s on our roadmap at the moment, but it’s certainly feasible at some point.

That’s a pretty significant storage requirement for an image. Would you mind expanding on your use-case a bit? We love hearing about what people are using our platform for :slightly_smiling_face:

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HI @eli
I will chime in with my use case. I am working on an app so that users can share and analyze their scientific images. Images are often GB size and may be TB; clearly, the TB size are big and require their own special framework. Ideally, I would like to be able to store the images with my app instead of importing them from S3 or GCP.

I am spending the morning looking at alternatives to fly.io like AWS and GCP is because they offer this ability to centrally locate everything. However, I have managed apps on these types of services before and it is no fun-- I would rather spend my time coming up with new models and leave managing the infrastructure to you.