Vertical Auto Scaling (VM Size)

Since memory is one of those things most people would rather not care or worry about and Fly has a deep sentiment on “scaling where you need it” - Why not auto scale vertically as well?

The idea is that a VM would have a similar concept as an app has a min/max setting on VMs in its pool, an app would also have a setting for a min/max VM size, and if memory usage starts to reach +X% for Y time, a second VM would be spun up as a sibling with the next size up, once up and running, the smaller VM would then be removed from the pool. Same would go for when a VM is -X% for Y time it would then scale back down.

This is on the roadmap! The problem right now is we can’t dynamically resize VMs, and we prefer to not restart things if we can help it. We’re working on VMs with permanent storage that we think this will work really well for, someday!

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