Hi, I recently moved over from Render as I received an unexpected bill…

I currently have 3 nodeJS apps running but when I go onto usage it says:

Machines (Sign In · Fly) 3 Machines 33 Machines + 1000%

Does that mean my account is running 33 machines? Is this concerning?

I want to be able to check everyday if they will cost or how much they will cost me - I don’t want to run into another unexpected bill.

Thank you.


Check out also: Sign In · Fly

My favorite (and I believe the most reliable, which is to say, “not cached”) way is to double check/use flyctl:

fly apps list -o personal

# For each app, list machines
# and their state
fly status -a <app-name>

If you have more machines than expected, you can give a shout to support who can dig in deeper than I have access to.

Hello thank you for your reply.

When the apps wake up from sleep I have all 3 apps on shared-cpu-1x@256MB and two of them has 1 machine and one of them has 2 machines. On the right side it says:

Current month so far
Last invoice

Is this fine? I am happy paying some monies towards the monthly cost if that is the case but I just want to avoid a massive unexpected bill like render did to me a few days ago.


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