Nomad app- from Hobby to Launch, how to use the dedicated CPU ?? 👀

Hey there. I want to scale a bit my nomad app currently with the following configuration :

  • app: shared-cpu-1x 256MB
  • web: shared-cpu-1x 256MB
  • worker: shared-cpu-1x 256MB

The thing is, I did change from Hobby to Launch 1 or 2 days ago, which is supposed to provide me a dedicated CPU, but I still see all my app/web/worker on shared. When trying to move it to dedicated cpu, it tells me to contact to do so.
I’m kinda lost there. Any help would be frankly appreciated, especially as I’m starting to promote a bit my app and get users to it :smile:

Thanks :heart_hands:

Hi @maelus

I’d recommend contacting support using the email provided to you in the fly dashboard.