Unpacking image on Fly Machine takes over five minutes

When booting a new machine, I see that it sometimes takes minutes, up to 5:30 minutes, to unpack an image. My image size is 351MB. Is this expected?

Mar 15 12:24:25.190 info Pulling container image registry.fly.io/cakework-images:01GVJKM16N7E6TTZ713NDZ0Z7E
Mar 15 12:24:32.143 info Unpacking image
Mar 15 12:30:06.804 info Starting init (commit: 08b4c2b)...


I’ve seen this before but usually on larger images. That being said, images might be pulling from far away - The Fly registry uses S3 hosted in the US behind the scenes. AWS’s global accelerator is used to help alleviate issues but sending bytes across the globe can sometimes be tricky.

What region are you deploying to?

If this machine uses secrets, it might have been slow because we were having Vault issues yesterday.

I am deploying to the SJC region. And yes, there were secrets, and this happened early morning (5am PST).

Cool - makes sense that this was impacted as part of the outage. Just wanted to check that seeing unpack times of upwards of minutes for a small image wasn’t something that normally happens.

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