flyctl machine run startup gets stuck at "Unpacking image"

I’ve tried dfw and iad regions, in both a flyctl machine run . gets stuck unpacking the container image. This used to work just hours earlier.

flyctl output:

234faf3199f5: Layer already exists
7cd52847ad77: Layer already exists
deployment-01GVKDTYGMHMMGFJPTQFHRHQ2J: digest: sha256:91197542bf037a807a40fedd493924284d1cd1b4fb14e477322b166390c7f061 size: 3657
--> Pushing image done
Image size: 131 MB

Success! A machine has been successfully launched in app blahblah, waiting for it to be started
 Machine ID: 91857709a96483
 State: created

 Attempting to start machine...

Error machine failed to reach desired start state, and restart policy was set to no restart

In logs I see

2023-03-15T19:51:48Z runner[4d891156f61398] dfw [info]Pulling container image
2023-03-15T19:51:49Z runner[4d891156f61398] dfw [info]Unpacking image

Maybe this is due to the Consul cluster outage: Status - Consul cluster outage

It seems this has recovered, so it probably was the Consul outage.

If this machine has secrets, it was probably failing to pull those from vault during yesterday’s outage. We could put these in logs explicitly.

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