Unexpected EOF: unable to get local issuer certificate (works locally)

I have an app that uses Vector to push the logs to a 3rd party. Here’s the run script:

mkdir -p .vector-data
set -m
./application &
/vector -c /vector.toml &
fg %1

And here’s a snippet of vector.toml:

type = "http"
uri = "https://in.logs.betterstack.com/"
inputs = ["timestamp_to_dt"]
auth.strategy = "bearer"
auth.token = "XXX"
encoding.codec = "json"

But Vector keeps complaining:

WARN sink{component_kind="sink" component_id=out component_type=http}:request{request_id=1}: vector::sinks::util::retries: Retrying after error. error=Failed to make HTTP(S) request: error trying to connect: unexpected EOF: unable to get local issuer certificate internal_log_rate_limit=true

The exact setup works locally, so I’m guessing something in Fly.io’s VM preventing Vector from sending logs to in.logs.betterstack.com.

Any suggestion?

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