Logs observability issues

Something must have changed. When I do fly logs I don’t get realtime logs, only the latest snapshot. If I then re-run this command I get new logs.
My Vector (fly-log-shipper) pipeline stopped working as well. Vector container is running but not producing anything even though I haven’t changed configs for weeks.
Is anyone having problems with logs too?

I tried to re-deploy both the Vector app and my main app.

Vector uses the following settings:

  enabled: true
  address: ""

    type: nats
    url: "nats://[fdaa::3]:4223"
    queue: "${QUEUE-}"
    subject: "logs.datapipe-go-server.>"
      strategy: user_password
        user: "datapipe"
        password: "${ACCESS_TOKEN?}"
    connection_name: Fly logs stream

I am having the same issues as well.

It’s back for me. fly logs updates automatically and Vector pipeline is pushing logs to the defined sink. I didn’t do anything, guess the problem was on infrastructure level.