Unable to ssh into app (Connecting to top1...snip... complete)

I haven’t been able to SSH into my app instance for half a day now. What’s up with that?

It just hangs like this:

➜  levadia.gg git:(master) fly ssh console
Connecting to top1.nearest.of.levadia-gg.internal... complete

Sometimes I even get a timeout like this:

Error error connecting to SSH server: connect tcp [fdaa:0:5aea:a7b:23c6:b368:dfc6:2]:22: operation timed out

Things I’ve tried:

  • Restarting the agent multiple times.
  • Clearing the wire_guard_state in my ~/.fly/config.yml
  • Executing via fly ssh console -s
  • Re-deploying and restarting the app.

When I created the app ~6 hours ago, I did destroy the previous instance with the same name (it was an empty instance with no public IP-s, I was unable to deploy to it due to some outage and I read that re-creating the app instance did help some, so I tried that). However, I was able to SSH into the current instance ~4 hours ago. It stopped working some time after that.

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I’m having a similar issue. SSH access today seems very flaky.

We’re working on a fix: Fly.io Status - Wireguard gateway connectivity

We had a couple different issues today. We’re in the process of moving from Consul to an internal service discovery system called Corrosion; the first place Corrosion is getting rolled out is DNS for our WireGuard gateways. Some of our gateways were very small, relative to the rest of our hosts, and Corrosion’s DNS server overwhelmed them; we’ve done a fleetwide upgrade of our gateways.

If you were seeing pretty much everything work, to the point where you were getting an fdaa:: address for the instance you were connecting to in your output, then what was probably happening is that you were getting a stale IPv6 address from Corrosion DNS.


Nice. Just in time when I’m contemplating using 6pn for some experiments. Only thing that kept me off of it were numerous DNS mis-reconciliation reports (even though my use for it isn’t for anything critical).

As someone who followed Route53’s design evolution with a keen interest while employed at AWS, I am uber interested in learning more about Fly’s design of this new system. Hope it makes it to the Fly blog (: (don’t leave us hanging…).

Corrosion will extremely definitely be a blog post. It’s Jerome’s story to tell, though, not mine. :slight_smile:

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