Unable to create apps in Chennai (India) region

Trying to create an app in Chennai (India) region fails with this error at the moment: You must have a paid plan to scale up in maa

It wasn’t immediately clear when creating the app:

➜  fly-app fly launch
Creating app in /Users/arun/fly-app
Scanning source code
Could not find a Dockerfile, nor detect a runtime or framework from source code. Continuing with a blank app.
? Choose an app name (leave blank to generate one):
automatically selected personal organization: Arun
? Choose a region for deployment: Chennai (Madras), India (maa)
Created app billowing-grass-7721 in organization personal
Admin URL: https://fly.io/apps/billowing-grass-7721
Hostname: billowing-grass-7721.fly.dev
Wrote config file fly.toml
➜  fly-app fly regions list
Region Pool:
Backup Region:

But trying to add maa to the regions throws that error:

➜  fly-app fly regions add maa
Error You must have a paid plan to scale up in maa

My understanding of Fly’s pricing is that upto 3 shared-cpu-1x are free irrespective of the region, and additional apps will be billed on usage. So, shouldn’t maa be deployable? :thinking:

Would be great to improve the fly launch command to show the same error if choosing the region fails. Right now, the error is surfaced only on fly regions add.

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Chennai is no longer available on the free plan: