Curl regions not available

When I use:

fly curl url…

I’m getting a bunch of regions where it works, but also seeing these failures:

gru     Region not available: gru
maa     Region not available: maa
mad     Region not available: mad

Since i’ve also deployed the application on the region maa, is there any reason why it would return those 3?


Good question-- I’ve been wondering this myself! I’m pretty sure this has to do with our network topology, because this has always been the case for those regions over at least the last few weeks.

Specifically, I’ve always observed that to be the case for those regions whenever I run fly curl

I’ll check and let you know should this be indicative of unexpected behavior, though!

Thanks for the fast reply. Just my luck that I push to the maa regions and is one that is not available with curl :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you have a list of possible regions inside ur curl command, kind of hardcoded? and is not updated with those 3?

I don’t know yet, but that’s a really good guess since they are newer regions. I’ll definitely share any answers I can once I find them!

just to help debugging, my version is:

fly version
fly v0.0.325 darwin/amd64 Commit: da2b638 BuildDate: 2022-04-28T04:26:35Z
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@eli, in regards to this, also one thing I notice is that when I do:

fly regions list -a apppppppp

i get:

Region Pool:
Backup Region:

which I’m assuming it means that the app is on both regions lhr and maa. But when I go to the dashboard/overview I only see, ONE deployed in lhr

ID 	Process 	Version 	Region 	Desired 	Status 	Health Checks 	Restarts 	Created
1b42ee8d 	app 	v7  	lhr  	Run 	Running 	1 total, 1 passing 	0 	May 12, 2022 21:27 UTC

I’m I correct to assume it should be showing another instance on maa ?

Ok, I just notice something that I tought it was working in a diferent way.

When we add a new region… do we need to scale and increate the count to … 2?

So you were right! Those regions weren’t added because we’re deprecating fly curl.

With respect to fly regions list: – yup! this command shows your region pool for scaling features-- you’d need to explicitly add a new instance.

Our documentation details this a bit more:

So if I understood this correctly.

If I add a new region… it does not add a instance to that region. I also need to increase the scale count to 2 and it will add that second one to the other region.

If that is true (which looks like it because now I’m seeing a new instance on maa on the overview) I think that in terms of UI from the cli should be warning or scaling up automatic +1, for that to be true, because it means that adding a new region it does not do anything, from the perspective of the person using fly.