[UI] dashboard shows incorrect statuses / states

Hello, I’ve been playing around with fly machines, and it seems that the UI dashboard has some bugs.

  1. The app is always showing as pending. not sure what that means

  2. Machines state is always out of sync. In this case I have long back destroyed this machine, but it still shows created. I seen the same behavior in other apps also with multiple machines.

  3. When I click on the machine, the events seem to be getting registered fine. However, I see double start and destroy events for some reason.

Let me know if I am interpreting something incorrectly.

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cc: @lubien

For Machines, it is better to rely on the REST API or flyctl m commands, for now. The Fly dashboard has never quite figured out Machines.

It should get better though, since Machines is the present and the future on Fly.

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