Turboku 500 Server Error

I revoked access from Heroku for testing and now i cant even give fly.io access to my heroku account.

That’s a little more abrupt than we intended! Let me see if I can clean your account up.

Will you give it another try now?

Thanks, It worked!

Ok, another problem.
When i commit a new file/make a change on github, heroku succesfully deploys it.
But fly.io doesnt.


Edit 2: This happens in one app, another one doesnt get affected.

Edit 3:I deleted my heroku app, then recreated it and added to fly.io and now it works.

Was this an app you created prior to revoking your credentials? That revocation “disconnects” an app from Heroku and we don’t currently reconnect it for you when you reauth.

Yeah, it was.

If that comes up again, we can reattach it for you.