Trying to follow the "Fly-Hole" tutorial...

Hi everybody!
I found this services a few days ago and I’m trying to setup a Pi-Hole instance using this tutorial.
The problem is that I don’t fully understand the process.
How I deploy the instance?
Which “flyctl” commands should I use?
I think that isn’t very clear. It doesn’t mention anything of that.

Thanks in advance!!!

Hey, so the blog post is from a time some of the new flyctl features weren’t around. But I managed to make it work with a few modifications.

  1. Create a Dockerfile in the project folder with this content pi-hole/Dockerfile at main · fly-apps/pi-hole · GitHub
  2. flyctl launch --no-deploy (cause you will want to make a few modifications before deploying). flyctl launch is the new command that replaced the now deprecated flyctl init
  3. Remove(or modify) your whole service section and replace it with that from pi-hole/fly.toml at main · fly-apps/pi-hole · GitHub.
  4. flyctl deploy
  5. flyctl open /admin
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Ohhhh now works like a charm!!!
I think that you should update all the docs, because I saw that everything is like the “old” one.

The only extra step that I must did is the flyctl secrets set WEBPASSWORD="password"

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