PiHole Not Working

I am seeing the following thing in the logs.

WARNING: Unable to set capabilities for pihole-FTL.
Please ensure that the container has the required capabilities.

I used this guide: Stuff Your Pi-Hole From Anywhere · Fly

Please advise.

Hi @alexl, that blog post is pretty old, and it looks like those instructions won’t work as-is. We don’t maintain a guide for the Pi-Hole, but the steps in this Community thread worked as of December 2021. Hope that helps!

No. It’s not working.

If you do not need the graphs, query logs, custom allow/denylists, and other fancy things that pi-hole brings, but just need the content-blocking functionality, then, checkout this stub-resolver I co-develop that deploys to Fly out-of-the-box (serves DNS over TLS or DNS over HTTPS for now): GitHub - serverless-dns/serverless-dns: The RethinkDNS resolver that deploys to Cloudflare Workers, Deno Deploy, and Fly.io

It also supports DNS over HTTPS on Cloudflare Workers and Deno Deploy (which are easier to setup given they’re serverless).