Trust Checks Are Way Less Strict

Hey everyone,

You might have have seen this thread at some point on the community forum. Lots of new and old users alike were suddenly getting marked as high risk, even though they’d been deploying just fine before. What happened was that we made some changes behind the scenes to do three things:

  1. make trust checks significantly faster (down from ~100 ms to ~1 ms per machine)
  2. make trust checks more reliable (e.g. your deploys won’t 503 because of a bug in trust checks)
  3. reduce the false positive rate of trust checks

We’ve made significant changes to how we do trust checks. While it has improved checks for most people, it’s had the opposite effect for some users. Most of these bugs should be ironed out, and the majority of users should have a better experience with trust scores from now on.

Why should I care?

Firstly, if trust scores run faster, that means that deploys and a few other actions are faster. 100ms may not seem like much, but when multiplied across each machine, and each deploy, it adds up.

Also, people who abuse the platform don’t just affect, they affect users as well (you!). They make the platform slow, cause unnecessary capacity issues, etc. The more we crack down on abuse, the better the platform is for everyone :).