timeout during fly postgres attach

For the last few days I have observed that the fly postgres attach is extremely slow.
Looking at my logs, there is a timeout after 2 minutes or so, but the attach nevertheless seems to work.

13:18:45.577 INFO  *** + flyctl postgres attach owlcms-45-db --app owlcms-45 --yes             
13:18:47.096 INFO  >>> Checking for existing attachments
13:20:54.183 INFO  *** Error: Get "http://fdaa:0:94b7:a7b:b60f:26f9:51a6:2:5500/commands/databases/owlcms_45": connect tcp [fdaa:0:94b7:a7b:b60f:26f9:51a6:2]:5500: operation timed out

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