flyctl postgres attach command fails

Trying to attach postgres is failing.
Giving similar error message as this topic

Error Get "http://<db-app-name>.internal:5500/commands/databases/<app-name>": dial: lookup <db-app-name>.internal. on fdaa:0:38b2::3: read udp [fdaa:0:38b2:a7b:163a:0:a:200]:28551: i/o timeout
We have used exactly the same commands before and it hasn’t been any problems.

Would resetting WireGuard possibly solve it or did something else was the solution?
Sounds like something else with this comment;

We spotted an issue on our backend with your instance; a cleanup script may have fired in between the time we pulled the container for your db instance and the time your container started up, which may have zapped its network interface. Shaun I think resolved that?

(And I ran fly doctor with everything passing)

Thankful for any suggestions!

Hey this is likely an issue with your wireguard connectivity as you suggested can you try running flyctl dig txt _apps.internal and paste the output?

And are you on a vpn network or any sort of closed intranet network - like school network that might disrupt you connecting to the network?