App Configuration website very out of date

I just started using for some apps and even though I love the experience and how easy it is to deploy, I really find the documentation annoying.
The default fly.toml includes properties that are not even mentioned in the website e.g. services.tcp_checks.restart_limit, processes, script_checks/http_checks, and several others. I searched the forum and it seems that some of them were added last year for certain features and the response was always that the documentation would be updated shortly after. Which it didn’t happen…

I removed all properties from my configuration that are not described in the documentation but can someone from the company please update the website with the actual properties we can use and what they do?
I am worried now with the disconnect between the documentation and the actual code generated by the flyctl itself which does not inspire trust in the service overall. For example, as of today, the documentation says that services.tcp_checks.interval is a number in milliseconds but the generated file contains "15s" as a string…

I really liked so far so I am hoping that this will be addressed soon and documentation will be thorough so that we don’t have to guess :slight_smile:

Thanks for the great work so far!

Guilty as charged! We will prioritize this as it’s pretty bad. Thanks for bringing it up again.