flyctl changelog

Hello friends, is there a changelog for flyctl changes ? I want to see what was changed in every version because I see a different behavior: Before some months when I tried deploying it connected by defaykt to my local docker daemon to build the image and only try the remote daemon if the local wasn’t available. Now it seems to try to always connect to the remote daemon ; I need to psas the --local-only option to use my local docker daemon.

Also, not really important but how can I change my username from soaoas to spapas ?

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Not exactly one for just flyctl!

However the repository does use a GitHub Action to create releases that show the commits: Releases · superfly/flyctl · GitHub

And we have logbook blog posts that usually will cover the larger changes made to flyctl and to the platform in general: The Fly Blog

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It would be great if the changelog was accessible through the cli.

There seem to be updates to flyctl every time I use it (most days), and before blindly running flyctl version update it would be nice to be able to run e.g. flyctl version changes to see what is going to change with the upgrade.