The error unable to display the list of active machines

Currently, I’m encountering an issue where I can’t view the list of active machines. Initially, I thought it was due to the network, but it’s not because my other projects are still viewing normally. However, there’s one project encountering this error.

I’m facing the same issue. AFAIK there was a hardware issue some time ago but right now I have a machine (ID: e784909b3d12e8) which cannot be reached by Fly, nor killed (a HTTP 408 error is returned).

What should I do?

Hi. Thanks for sharing this.

Would you both mind doing fly machines list -a APP_NAME on your terminal to check if this issue also happens?

Internally both our dashboard and our CLI use the same endpoint: Fly Machines API

It works on the CLI and on the Machines section of the organization. If I go to Machines section of the app, it shows the error.

Also when i try to remove the machine:

$ fly machine destroy -f e784909b3d12e8
Error: could not get machine e784909b3d12e8: failed to get VM e784909b3d12e8: request returned non-2xx status, 408 (Request ID: 01HXYKRA3HPG72P20AYQ4WXWQY-mad)

And if I try to de-scale it:

$ fly scale count 0 --region ams
App already scaled to desired state. No need for changes


$ fly machine list -a REDACTED
2 machines have been retrieved from app REDACTED.
View them in the UI here (​

ID              NAME                    STATE   REGION  IMAGE                                                   IP ADDRESS                      VOLUME  CREATED                 LAST UPDATED            APP PLATFORM    PROCESS GROUP   SIZE                
683dd75b297678  billowing-wood-7033     started mad     REDACTED:deployment-01HXVM561RA3NBEM9RQZP71FGD   fdaa:3:3b2b:a7b:e0:239b:379e:2          2024-05-14T13:20:48Z    2024-05-14T13:20:53Z    v2              app             shared-cpu-1x:256MB
e784909b3d12e8* wild-grass-4908         started ams                                                                                                                                                                                                        

* These Machines' hosts could not be reached.

Note: I’m not including the app name for privacy reasons, if you need it please DM me, but with the instance ID should be enough to locate everything (I suppose)

Hi @oscarjt I think its the same issue as this:

That being said we still need to make our UX better on those cases and that includes flyctl and our dashboard too.

Ill raise that issue to the team!