Machines page loading forever, api 404s on machine

Since yesterday before the incident, clicking on the machines page for any app in the ui just shows Loading machines... forever with the blue bar at the top looping. Using the api I get a 404 Not Found trying to update the image on machine 6e82423df27198.

FWIW before that the last logs from the machine were [error]Unable to pull image, not found, canceling deploy which I think was also wrong - I’m using the same tooling to deploy multiple apps and the other app at least came up fine.

Sorry about that, I’ve deployed a fix for the infinite loading bar.

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You can see the machines you have using fly status

Thanks! UI fixed!

Still getting a 404 POSTing to update machine via machines API:

POST 404 Not Found

I guess that’s something separate?


destroy 	2023-12-12T17:41:40.804 	flyd 

What happened here?

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