The account has been locked three times.

I bound my credit card on and was judged as a robot, and my account was locked. After being verified by the credit card payment, my account was finally unlocked. Then, I deployed an application, but found my account was locked again the next morning. After another verification, my account was unlocked again. I deployed a second app, but for the third time, my account was locked again.

I have also been locked again today, after being locked and doing the credit card unlock just a few weeks ago. The unlock flow still had my credit card saved.

By the way, the flow didn’t give me any success page this time and just redirected me to the beginning in a loop, although it looks like it did work.

I’ve been recommending to a few members of my community but recently I’ve had reports of folks running into this “high risk” fraud flow and unable to progress. It sounds like a bug or something in whatever fraud detection service is being used, not sure but it’s making it difficult to recommend Fly as a platform for getting started learning web and hosting hobby apps.

Would love to have some advice I can share with folks to avoid this and get their payment methods working on the platform!

Same here. Every time when I needed to redeploy a docker image I was told I was locked again. I think this probably has something to do with the vpn, since I’m using Cloudflare warp a lot, which means frequent change of IP address and higher chance of being marked as bot?

@kk1 @filippo @Southclaws well, that shouldn’t be happening, definitely not intentional. We think we know what’s up and are working on a fix, and I’ll try to fix it for you manually in the meantime.

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Hi, folks.

We shipped a fix, this should not be happening anymore. Please let us know if you are still facing this issue :slight_smile:


@nina @flyandre thanks for the help, the problem didn’t reappear.

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Awesome, thanks! I’ve dropped this update into my community discord and let others I’ve heard this from know about the fix :pray:

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