Tailscale + Fly + SSL

I followed the Tailscale + Fly docs - this worked great.

However, I would like to setup TLS - if I add a tailscale cert command into start.sh this should work.

However, if I name the tailscale client fly-app as per the docs and then restart containers, over time I will see names like fly-app-1, fly-app-2 etc.

Then the tailscale cert command fails because it doesn’t match.

Any ideas how to unpick this? Do I need a different approach?

(Asked at Tailscale forums too, but no response)

You could perhaps force a static name by starting tailscale with:

--hostname string
    	hostname to use instead of the one provided by the OS

Basically tailscale up --hostname fly-app

That’s exactly what’s in the docs, and what I’m doing.
But Fly, reasonably, suffixes it where there would be duplicates.

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