Connecting pihole and tailscale apps

Hi all,

I am new to and have been experimenting with pihole container and tailscale container. I’ve followed this topic but unsuccessful because the tailscale need systemd to start and I can’t run systemd inside a container.

So I made a different approach by making an app for each image and at the moment both apps are running. Now I would like to avoid the pihole apps to become an open resolver by using the tailscale app to connect to it.

What will be the best way to connect those 2 apps?

As I checked, both apps are connected to the fly’s 6PN network but I couldn’t find any document that describes the interface name of the 6PN network. I intend to use that interface name as the interface the pihole should listen to, by this way, the pihole will be only accessible through tailscale.


I am not familiar with fly’s 6PN concept yet, but here’s how I got Tailscale working on a fly app:

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I was hoping that has something like a docker0 network to use with their 6PN network. Anyway your workaround works for me, big thanks!

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