SYD Region - Slow Response Times

Hi all, I’ve got two machines running, both of which are in the Sydney, Australia region as far as I can tell (that’s what I have in my fly.toml and that’s what the site says).

I’ve had slow response times since 12pm 10th January UTC time, and getting a traceroute that seems to be bouncing all around the world.

I have been making changes to my app in the last day or two, but there’s nothing I can see in the logs or fly-metrics that make it seem like a hardware issue (I’m just using the free tier for some pocketbase apps).

Here’s the traceroute (I’ve obscured a few IPs for privacy reasons):

Is this potentially a issue, or could there be something else at play here?

Many thanks in advance,

Not sure what changed, but it seems to have fixed itself. Traceroute is now back to normal! Thanks for building an awesome product, loving fly :slight_smile:

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Hey @lm1 , we resolved a network routing issue with one of our upstream partners earlier today. This was causing some weird routes for requests from certain regions. Sorry for the trouble!

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No troubles at all! Thanks heaps Sam

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