Regions and scaling for WebSocket server

Hey! After trying out different providers, I’ve landed on to host the containers I need hosted as it’s very reasonably priced and obviously easy to roll out world wide. I was also pleasantly surprised to find a Grafana dashboard, something I haven’t used before but looks awesome!

Anyways, my plan was to spin up a Soketi or Centrifugal service (self-hosted Pusher alternatives) in EU and US to minimize latency, which will be used on a Vercel hosted NextJS site (calling from and to Vercel functions). Thinking about this more, I wonder if that is even possible when considering Vercel’s edge network combined with’s edge network.

If we think about the Vercel hosted NextJS and the hosted Soketi service as one system, would there be two different systems in the US and EU automatically? If not, am I stuck with being limited to one Soketi service?

Edit: I probably published this a bit too fast. I found the answer, which is: using in-memory database is (obviously) limited to one instance, while using Redis allows for multiple instances/nodes.