supabaseUrl is required.

Hello, I am currently trying to deploy a project to using the Remix Epic Stack. The site was deployed already, but now that I am trying Supabase I get the error when deploying. This is from my monitoring dashboard.

Error: supabaseUrl is required.
at new SupabaseClient (/myapp/node_modules/@supabase/supabase-js/src/SupabaseClient.ts:84:29)at createClient (/myapp/node_modules/@supabase/supabase-js/src/index.ts:38:10)
at file:///myapp/app/utils/supabase.ts:5:16

The app runs on my local development server fine.

Here is the code for the file in question:

import { createClient } from "@supabase/supabase-js";

import type { Database } from "../../db_types";

export default createClient<Database>(

I think this tutorial may give me some guidance. Anyone familiar with this tutorial?

postgres, so interested people can browse…

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