Suddenly no longer able to connect to PostgreSQL database v2

For the second time, my connection no longer works to my PostgreSQL database. I haven’t made any changes—seems random.

I first noticed this at 2024-04-01T17:16:54.054Z.

The error seems to imply a timeout:

KnexTimeoutError: Knex: Timeout acquiring a connection. The pool is probably full. Are you missing a .transacting(trx) call?
    at Client_PG.acquireConnection (/Users/jiralite/Documents/GitHub/Soulobby/Soulobby/node_modules/.pnpm/knex@3.1.0_pg@8.11.3/node_modules/knex/lib/client.js:332:26)
    at Runner.ensureConnection (/Users/jiralite/Documents/GitHub/Soulobby/Soulobby/node_modules/.pnpm/knex@3.1.0_pg@8.11.3/node_modules/knex/lib/execution/runner.js:305:28)
    at (/Users/jiralite/Documents/GitHub/Soulobby/Soulobby/node_modules/.pnpm/knex@3.1.0_pg@8.11.3/node_modules/knex/lib/execution/runner.js:30:19)
    at Function.fetch (file:///Users/jiralite/Documents/GitHub/Soulobby/Soulobby/source/Structures/Rotations.ts:63:28)
    at file:///Users/jiralite/Documents/GitHub/Soulobby/Soulobby/source/Structures/Rotations.ts:365:16

This is not a code-related issue as I ran flyctl proxy 5432 --app <app_name> and tried to connect manually.

I am pretty sure my database is hosted in LHR. I cannot check because fails to load the machines and volumes (same error):


I have another database hosted in a region that is not LHR and it functions fine.

This does not seem related to the ongoing incident.

Any pointers?

I’m seeing availability problems with an app in LHR with persistent storage, since
45 mins ago. Could be related.

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We’re having issues with routing, as a result of some internal components going down. We’re updating our status page to more accurately reflect the issue.

The status page seems to list this as resolved @billy, but I’m still having the same issue. I see a personalised status page of emergency maintenance happening since ~9 hours ago. That’s a long time…

There is no solution:

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