statics section doesn't work 404 err

Our applicationa have been automatically migrated to the V2.
After this migration, the assets stopped working for one of the apps, although before that everything worked.

guest_path = “/app/public/assets”
url_prefix = “/assets”

I see in the documentation that you didn’t change the settings. I also saw in the community that similar errors have already occurred before. Could you check the following apps: fly-foodbank-dev-web, ?

Hi @nickolay.loshkarev

Looks like assets are requested from domain which does not resolve for me.

❯ host has address has IPv6 address 2a09:8280:1::6:9ce
❯ host
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OMG! Thanks a lot!

The issue was in secret ENV variable. I have only one idea: when the team automatically migrated the app to V2 they “left” new env variables and moved only first versions. I got the idea because the app also didn’t have one more value for one ENV variable REDIS_PASSWORD

Yeah, there is an issue with secrets during migration. We’ve identified it and are working on the fix.

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