Static private IPs, blocking public connections, or another paradigm solution?

Hey there, I’m looking for a way to allow my internal custom xmlrpc server running on its own machine to block all public connections, and preferably only accept connections from certain private network IPs. Normally I’d use an “allowed hosts” type of solution, wherein I’d configure static IPs for my app servers and add them to the allowed hosts of the xmlrpc server. I did look through the private networking docs and did some searches, and I’d really rather not implement a DNS resolver to find the IPs of machines running for the app servers if at all possible.

Is there a simpler way of achieving this? I was thinking there might be a way to add static internal IPs or simply block all public connections at the worst case.

If this is run as a process, don’t include that process in any services section in your fly.toml. If this is run as a separate app, don’t include any services in your fly.toml.

I don’t believe we support static ipv6.

if you can install dig (this in in dnsutils for debian) and are able to shell out to a command and capture stdout, commands like the following can be used:

dig +short -t aaaa global.$APPNAME.internal
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Got it working. I’m amazed at how smooth setting everything up has been. Thanks for the help.


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