Starting machine via the REST API fails because with 422 because "Deploying over the remote builder is not allowed"

I’m trying to start a machine via the RestAPI and I’m getting back a 422 with the error:

"error": "Deploying over the remote builder is not allowed."

This here is my request body:

	"config": {
		"region": "ams",
		"auto_destroy": true,
		"image": "hello-world"
		"restart": {
			"policy": "no"

Does anybody know what this error message means? The image is just a placeholder image from the docker registry shouldn’t it already be built? If not how else could I start machines from a docker image?

hi @DavidK

That error means you are attempting to start a machine on the remote builder app. The remote builder app is a free app used internally by to deploy your app. You can’t use the remote builder for anything else. These apps have names that start with fly-builder-.

No, the region is on the top level. The 422 was due to the remote builder error.

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