SSL Error for Certificate Host Names on NGINX Proxy Container


Please disregard my previous deleted topic but I previously setup a NGINX Proxy container, however, there are a couple of problems I’m running into.

The wildcard certs I setup with a test domain “*” seems to throw ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR if I try to access a subdomain other than as it doesn’t seem to be assigning certs to wildcard domains.

Here are the namecheap DNS settings:

This is it working with a non-wildcard domain

which is working fine with similar DNS settings regardless but I’m not sure why it says invalid domain.

I think the CNAME for is coming back wrong, it should be pointed to Here’s what I get:

dig cname +short

What is the host value for that? It should just be set to _acme-challenge in that UI.

You can ignore that invalid domain error since the certificates are issued. It means we’re having difficulty talking to your DNS servers, but it’s probably working frequently enough for us to issue certificates.

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That worked! Thank you @kurt

You also mentioned on a previous topic that you can import existing certificates from the javascript app once this was setup. I assume this would still require changing DNS host records with a majority of them being subdomains as well vs just adding them manually on our end.

Yes exactly, we can import the certs before DNS changes, just emails us with the old JS app and new container app when you’re ready and we’ll get you set. You’ll be able to test with curl before you have to make any DNS changes.

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