fly ssh console -C <command> behavior vs fly ssh console

I’m running an Elixir Phoenix app. I noticed that the behavior is a bit different depening on which command I use to get to the app’s console.

fly ssh console and then app/bin/app remote works as expected. I can get access to app’s env.

> Application.get_env(:app, :storage)

fly ssh console -C "app/bin/app remote" doesn’t give me access to the app’s environment.

> Application.get_env(:app, :storage)

The other thing: when I use fly ssh console -C "app/bin/app remote" my cursor key presses show up as special symbols. When I use fly ssh console they actully move the cursor. (I use iterm2 on macOS)

Anyone had this behaviour?

When no command is provided, fly ssh console allocates a PTY (pseudo-terminal). It doesn’t do this if a command is provided (this is similar to how ssh behaves).

To force PTY allocation even if a command is provided you can pass --pty flag to fly ssh console.


thanks @pavel, --pty flag fixed both issues

ps. seems this option is not in the docs

Yeah, we had a problem with flyctl CI pipeline that syncs commands reference with the docs. AFAIK, it has been fixed and the next flyctl release should push the updated docs.

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