Some suggestions for the docs

Hi Fly team!

I’m applying for the Support Engineer role and went through some of the tutorials as well as part of the documentation. I thought I would document some of the issues I encountered along the way. I’m aware that keeping docs up-to-date is a huge task. So, I hope I can make a small contribution here.

  1. There seems to be no current guide on setting up tab completion. I’m not particularly good at typing, so, tab completion was the first thing I was missing once I started using Fly. Fortunately, it’s pretty straightforward to set up. There’s is an explanation here at Fly Friday - News and Tips · Fly
    It mentions a now non-existent -c flag, though. However, as I happily discovered, completion has been promoted to a ‘first-class’ fly command in the meantime.
  2. At Build, Deploy & Run a Node Application
    under Viewing the Deployed App, it says to use the info command, but in the CLI snippet, status is used.
  3. At Build, Deploy And Run A Python Application
    it says to run a command including a requirements.txt. How to create this file isn’t explained (it can be done with pip freeze > requirements.txt). Moreover, the deploy fails, but this has already been covered here
  4. At Metrics on Fly, the curl command is missing a query= in front of the encoded query string.
  5. At Scaling and Autoscaling, the command flyctl scale vm show appears to not exist anymore. Likely, because flyctl scale show already provides very similar info?

I’m hoping this proves to be helpful in one way or another! I already submitted my worksheet questions today and am really looking forward to the result.


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