shell completions for fly cli?

It appears that fly version -c zsh should output a completions file as of version 0.0.96, but it doesn’t work. It’s also not in the help output. I’m on version 0.0.238. Has it been removed? I can’t find information in the docs, just an old blog post whos instructions don’t seem to work anymore.

I would love to figure out how to set this up.

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I didn’t know we ever had completions!

I’ve wanted them too and know cobra makes it easy to implement, but we haven’t had time. We’d love a PR if you were interested :wink:

I am interested in submitting a PR (though whether I’ll have the time or ability to follow through is another question XD). I am not immediately finding resources on contribution guidelines, how to setup the repo locally, etc. Are their any of these resources you could point me to? Thank you :smiley: