Site cannot be reached after deployment

I have been trying to deploy my remix app for a few weeks and have finally managed. However, when I try to access the deployed application, the response is THE SITE CAN NOT BE REACHED.

It has worked after adding port 8080 under env in fly.toml file


Just curious - did you use fly launch to get the app setup?

Yeah, that is what I used.

I’m having the same issue. I’ve tried tweaking it according to the official docs in hex and the page in, but I just can’t get it to work. I always get an ERR_CONNECTION_RESET

ERR_CONNECTION_RESET most likely means our proxy can’t connect to the app. If you run fly status, do you see any VMs running?

So, I ended up nuking it all and starting from scratch, following this Deploying on Fly — Phoenix v1.6.6, but omitting some steps of the deploy using releases doc. And it worked. I do not know why, however.

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If it worked, I’m happy! If you run into any more issues post 'em here though.

Similar problem.

Literally just followed the instructions for setting up a remix application.

flyctl status shows 2 running containers

eb0f9d31        app     1 ⇡     cdg(B)  run     running 1 total, 1 critical     0               2m18s ago
517ae78d        app     0       lhr     run     running 1 total, 1 critical     0               6m22s ago

But same issue- it just hangs and times out.

Okay I have just found the issue…

For whatever reason, the flyctl launch command sets the internal port to 8080 for remix…

When the default port for remix is 3000

Having the same issue with Remix app. But mine isn’t the port issue. The internal port is 8080.