[sin] Deploy failed, stuck in Configuring firecracker

Hi, I am constantly facing errors while deploying to sin . Please help.

2023-01-29T08:11:16.372 runner[b5cbe0fc] sin [info] Starting instance

2023-01-29T08:11:16.445 runner[b5cbe0fc] sin [info] Configuring virtual machine

2023-01-29T08:11:16.446 runner[b5cbe0fc] sin [info] Pulling container image

2023-01-29T08:11:16.657 runner[b5cbe0fc] sin [info] Pull failed, retrying (attempt #0)

2023-01-29T08:11:16.733 runner[b5cbe0fc] sin [info] Pull failed, retrying (attempt #1)

2023-01-29T08:11:16.809 runner[b5cbe0fc] sin [info] Pull failed, retrying (attempt #2)

2023-01-29T08:11:16.809 runner[b5cbe0fc] sin [info] Pulling image failed

2023-01-29T08:35:24.711 runner[f1e4a580] sin [info] Starting instance

2023-01-29T08:35:24.785 runner[f1e4a580] sin [info] Configuring virtual machine

2023-01-29T08:35:24.786 runner[f1e4a580] sin [info] Pulling container image

2023-01-29T08:39:39.411 runner[f1e4a580] sin [info] Unpacking image

2023-01-29T08:39:50.725 runner[f1e4a580] sin [info] Preparing kernel init

2023-01-29T08:39:50.916 runner[f1e4a580] sin [info] Setting up volume 'volume_storage'

2023-01-29T08:39:50.920 runner[f1e4a580] sin [info] Opening encrypted volume

2023-01-29T08:39:51.066 runner[f1e4a580] sin [info] Configuring firecracker

2023-01-29T08:51:02.227 runner[d8bd972c] sin [info] Starting instance

2023-01-29T08:51:02.309 runner[d8bd972c] sin [info] Configuring virtual machine

2023-01-29T08:51:02.310 runner[d8bd972c] sin [info] Pulling container image

2023-01-29T08:57:02.356 runner[d8bd972c] sin [info] Unpacking image

2023-01-29T08:57:13.615 runner[d8bd972c] sin [info] Preparing kernel init

2023-01-29T08:57:13.798 runner[d8bd972c] sin [info] Setting up volume 'volume_storage'

2023-01-29T08:57:13.800 runner[d8bd972c] sin [info] Opening encrypted volume

2023-01-29T08:57:13.954 runner[d8bd972c] sin [info] Configuring firecracker

2023-01-29T09:15:47.462 runner[54d5269b] sin [info] Starting instance

2023-01-29T09:15:47.538 runner[54d5269b] sin [info] Configuring virtual machine

2023-01-29T09:15:47.540 runner[54d5269b] sin [info] Pulling container image

2023-01-29T09:16:10.501 runner[54d5269b] sin [info] Unpacking image

2023-01-29T09:16:21.774 runner[54d5269b] sin [info] Preparing kernel init

2023-01-29T09:16:21.946 runner[54d5269b] sin [info] Setting up volume 'volume_storage'

2023-01-29T09:16:21.948 runner[54d5269b] sin [info] Opening encrypted volume

2023-01-29T09:16:22.171 runner[54d5269b] sin [info] Configuring firecracker

same thing for me since 24 hours ago

The sin region is exceptionally unstable. I’ve been having problems since 24 hours ago with various commands, including deployment, restarting instances.

There appears to be problems with 4 pacific cables. Our upstream network provider has been trying to find a way around it.

Try building with the --local-only flag, if you can.

There’s some connectivity issues with SIN right now. Other platforms are also impacted (from cloud providers like DigitalOcean to services like Netflix).

For updates: