simple static web site - ala blog with some categories protected by password


I would like to use fly to run a simple static web site - blog like where some categories would be protected by password - on fly. Using adoc or anything similar. Web site content stored in github displayed by fly. Is that possible?

Thank you

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You could do something like using the jekyll Docker image to build the static web page, and then expose the site using the http_service section in your fly.toml

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it doesn’t look like there is simple way to protect separate pages by password in jekyll

It looks like there are jekyll plugins you can use for authentication, such as jekyll-auth. Would that work for what you need?

not really. I already checked that. I do not want to force users to have a Google account…

let’s say I have site

  • - anyone can access
  • - only those with secret password “password1” can a access such page
  • - only those with secret password “password123” can a access such page

You can use Caddy!
A config would look something like:

http://localhost:8080 {
    root * /path/to/your/site

    basicauth /page1/* {
        User <password hash>

    basicauth /page2/* {
        User <password hash>

(note: localhost 8080 is used if you want fly to handle the certificates, it is also possible to have Caddy handle them but that is a bit more setup)

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