Running a blog on

Hi all,

What’s a simple recommended way to run a personal blog on

Hugo? Full WordPress? LiveBook? Was looking at github pages with a CI page builder using their docs, but would like to use as the tooling is lovely.

What are others doing?


Anything you can pack into a docker image would probably run on here. For my own blog, I decided to go with hugo + caddy. During the docker build step just copy the files to a location caddy can serve them up.

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You can even go further by adding a [[statics]] section to your fly.toml which instructs to cache and serve your static files from our edge servers à la CDN. More details here: First look: static asset caching

I’m trying to run a Wordpress Docker image in one container, and a MySQL in another container (guide here)

It’s easy to set up, but actually struggling with cryptic “database error” messages in Wordpress.